Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Releases

Below are the current expected dates for items we receive inquiries about.

We will continually update them as more information becomes available.  Previous items may be added but we plan on keeping this current as new items drop.

These Dates are all ETA's and the Dates are Subject to Change at any Time. Please Email Us with any inquires


 Frankenstein's Monster B&W Version - In stock now

Toony Terrors Jaws & Quint - In Stock Now 

Toony Terrors The Grady Twins - ETA Tuesday Sept. 14th

TMNT 1/4 Scale Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo - ETA Tuesday Sept. 14th

TMNT 1/4 Scale Shredder & Foot Soldier - ETA Sept. 

7" Gargoyles Goliath - ETA Sept. 

Halloween Kills Michael Myers Ultimate - ETA Sept. 

Iron Maiden Pharaoh Eddie - ETA Sept. 

Iron Maiden Aces High Eddie - ETA November 

American Werewolf in London Ultimate Nightmare Demon - ETA Sept.

American Werewolf in London Ultimate Kessler Werewolf - ETA November 

Defenders of Earth series 1 - ETA December 



Please keep in mind, some stores like Hot Topic, Target, GameStop, etc. often times receive their shipments far ahead of smaller stores. If you see these stores start receiving their inventory, it is only an indication that Funko is STARTING to push the product out. We should expect our inventory within a  few weeks or up to 2 months after these stores.  

Another note we tend to process orders for FUNKO after a couple weeks of being released as a PRE ORDER due to the fact we have sales etc. and want to receive the best possible price for all our Customers so the delay may occur.

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