Update on Bundles

Bundles and Chase Bundles

Bundles  and Chase Bundles


Updated 11/19/2017  8:31 PM PST


Hello everyone, with the influx of PM'S and emails regarding preorders, we thought it would be easier to post a blog regarding it.

Below are the current expected dates for items we receive inquiries about.

We will continually update them as more information becomes available.

These Dates are all ETA's and the Dates are Subject to Change at any Time. Please Email Us with any inquires ferraramarket@gmail.com

 Rick and Morty Chase Bundle - 61/84 Have been Shipped. Oct.

 Overwatch -  12/14 Shipped. August Just waiting on D.Va  (November)

WWE Chase Bundle - 112/134 Still Shipping

Lord of the Rings Chase Bundle - 31 of 100 Shipped Delayed will keep this updated to let you know more. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience please email us if you are still waiting on this bundle. 

Star Wars Rogue One Wave 2 Bundle - Shipped

Classic Batman Chase Bundle - Shipped

Mr. Robot Chase Bundle - 6/12 Have been Shipped. NOv. 

 Nicktoons Chase Bundle - Shipped

WWE Chase Bundle 2 - 29 of 78 Shipped 

Batman Animated Series Wave 2 chase Bundle - Shipped 

Five Night's at Freddy's Sister Location Chase Bundle - Nov. 

South Park Chase Bundle - Shipped

Smurfs Bundle - Nov.

Thor Ragnarok Dorbz Chase Bundle Nov.

The Shining Chase Bundle -Nov.

Horror Pop! Chase Bundle - Nov. (Tiffany with chase is here)

Horror Dorbz Chase Bundle - Nov.

Ultimate Horror Chase Bundle - Nov. 

Harry Potter Bundle - Nov.

 PennyWise Chase Bundle - 124/136 Shipped Oct. Wave 1,and 2 is Complete

Aladdin Pop! Chase Bundle - January 

Alien Chase Dorbz Bundle - December 

Blade Runner Dorbz Chase Bundle - November

Bob Ross Chase Pop! Chase Bundle - November 

Crash Bandicoot Pop! Chase Bundle - December 

DC Bombshells Pop! Chase Bundle - December

Dc Bombshells Dorbz Chase Bundle - December 

Disney Afternoon Action Figure Chase Bundle - December 

Dorbz DC Wave 2 Chase Bundle - Nov.

Dorbz Wave 2 Superman Chase Bundle - Nov.

Elf Chase Bundle - December 

Sister Location Chase Pop! Bundle - Nov.

Game of Thrones Dorbz Chase Bundle - Nov.

Golden Girls Dorbz Chase bundle - November 

Hanna Barbara Chase Pop! Bundle - Nov.

Hellboy Pop! Chase Pop! Bundle - December 

Hellboy Pop! Chaser Bundle with just Hellboy - December 

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Pop! Chase Bundle - December 

Justice League Chase Dorbz Bundle - Nov.

Kingdom Hearts Chase Pop! Bundle - 4 of 8 Shipped - ETA January 

Krampus Pop! Chase Bundle - December 

Mad Max Chase Pop! Bundle - January 

Mad Max Chase Pop! Bundle Immortan and Furiosa - January 

Masters of the Universe Pop! Chase Bundle - January 

Mortal Kombat Chase Bundle - December 

Sub-Zero Chase Bundle - December 

My Little Pony Chase Pop! Bundle - November 

Planet of the Apes Chase Bundle - November 

Aurora Chase Bundle - 2 have shipped the rest Nov.

Snow White Chase Bundle - November 

Star Trek Dorbz Chase Bundle - December 

Stranger Things Dorbz Chase Bundle - December 

Stranger Things Pop! Chase Bundle - Nov.

Rocketeer Dorbz Chase Bundle - December 

Tron Dorbz Chase Bundle - December 

Tron Pop! Chase Bundle - December 

WWE Wave 3 Chase Pop!  Bundle - January 



Please keep in mind, some stores like Hot Topic, Target, GameStop, etc. often times receive their shipments far ahead of smaller stores. If you see these stores start receiving their inventory, it is only an indication that Funko is STARTING to push the product out. We should expect our inventory within a  few weeks or up to 2 months after these stores.

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