Update on Bundles

Bundles Bundles and Chase Bundles

Bundles Bundles and Chase Bundles

Hello everyone, with the influx of PM'S and emails regarding preorders, we thought it would be easier to post a blog regarding it.

Below are the current expected dates for items we receive inquiries about.

We will continually update them as more information becomes available.

Stranger Things Chase Bundles - Wave 4 will ship in May all commons in stock just waiting on chases 

John Wick Chase Bundle - 7 Sets coming this week/ May 

Rick and Morty Chase Bundle - May (weaponized Morty, Mr. Poopybutthole, Squanchy, and Snowball are here)

DC Bombshells Chase Bundle - May

Rick and Morty Action Figure bundles - May 

Ren and Stimpy Chase Bundle - Shipped 

The 100 Chase Bundle - May (All are here but Lexa)

Gravity Falls Chase Bundle - June 

Ratatouille Chase Bundle - Wave 2 May 

Despicable Me 3 Pop! Chase Bundle - May (Gru and Chase Dru are in)

Despicable ME 3 Dorbz Chase Bundle - May 

Donnie Darko Chase Bundle - June 

Overwatch - May 

Space Jam - 52/60 Shipped 

Daredevil Chase Bundles - Shipped 

 He-Man Dorbz Chase Bundle - May

Him Chase Bundle - Wave 3 May 

Dr Suess Dorbz Chase and Non Chase Bundles - May (Horton Is in stock)

WWE Wave 2 Metals Diecast Shipped 

Looney Tunes Dorbz Chase Bundle - Next Week 

Five Night's at Freddy's Chase Bundle - June 

WWE Chase Bundle - May

Lord of the Rings Chase Bundle - July 


Please keep in mind, some stores like Hot Topic, Target, GameStop, etc. often times receive their shipments far ahead of smaller stores. If you see these stores start receiving their inventory, it is only an indication that Funko is STARTING to push the product out. We should expect our inventory within a  few weeks or up to 2 months after these stores.