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Bella Candle Factory

Imagine a place, you go into this place that offers you a huge variety of sweets, cakes and cookies, Shakes and whatnot, it's hard for you to choose, and the smell drives you crazy you want it all!.
You go through the shelves, look right to the left, and there it is, it's the one you want, It's the chosen one!
The confectioner prepares your dessert, so it's fresh and smells great and yummy..

Oh, how lucky it is that it's made of wax and you do not need to eat it, and you can just burn all those calories !!.

At Bella Candle Factory, we take care to be different and unique, we love what we do, and love what you love.
We started this business because we see great potential in the uniqueness of our products, and we believe that every home will want a sweet little piece in their house, for decoration, candle, Fragrance distributor, and a sweet little gift.
And only the imagination will take and guide us.

We strongly believe in our products and we take care of developing, renewing our variety and options all the time.

​We combined our love for baking and candles to bring you our unique designs, adding beauty and a wonderful fragrance to any room's decor.
Each candle is hand-mixed and hand-poured with love and care.
Our homemade cookie candles are the perfect gift for your loved one.
Great as a valentines gift or to show someone special that you care about.