So, your child wants a pet, but you’re deathly allergic–or maybe you just don’t want one. What now? Where can you find a great toy that fits the bill of being cuddly and fun to play with?

FurReal Friends are adorable, interactive toys loved worldwide by both children and adult collectors. Their big, sweet eyes and fun personalities are hallmark characteristics of this popular toy. FurReal toys are lovable and can simulate the experience of having a real pet without the mess or responsibility!

The Real Deal

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or something fun to treat yourself with, a FurReal pet can be an irresistibly cute addition to your home. Depending on which animal you choose, FurReal friends can respond to touch and even the sound of your voice. Choose the Fuzzalots elephant or pig, which change colors depending on their mood, or you can opt for adorable Snackin’ Sam the Brontosaurus. FurReal toys are some of the most lovable items from our collectibles market!

New Arrivals and Preorders

If you don’t see a FurReal pet that captures your heart, keep checking our new arrivals page! At Ferrara Market, we are always adding unique collectibles to our site that our customers will love. Browse what’s new on the site and take advantage of preorders to reserve your favorite FurReal toys.

Shipping Policies

We know that as soon as you order your FurReal friend, you’ll be counting the days until it arrives! Allow us 2-3 business days to process your order and about 3-5 days for shipping. During the busy holiday season, it’s possible for your order to take approximately 5-7 days to arrive. We appreciate your patience and know you will love your new friend from Ferrara Collectibles Market!

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