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Marvel Legends

Fans of Marvel, assemble! Whether you prefer the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the original comics, the heroes and heroines in Marvel are worth celebrating. Capture the action-packed franchise with a loyal following through Marvel Legends products. Add your favorite characters to your Marvel replica collection with detailed, accurate figurines.

Avengers, Assemble!

Enter the multiverse by collecting your favorite Marvel figurines. Embrace the heroic storytelling that has spanned decades… and continues to grow even now. Each part of our Marvel replica collection is designed with beautiful detail that encapsulates the drama and thrill of each story. Whether you choose a Marvel figpin or figurine, you will surely find something that represents your devotion to the franchise.

Watch for New Arrivals

With an ever growing Marvel universe, Ferrara Market is constantly searching for the best new collectibles to add to our site. Stay updated with our new arrivals to ensure you don’t miss your favorite Marvel figurines. We also offer pre-orders for items new to the site, which will be sent to you as soon as we get our hands on them!

Shipping Policies

We know that your Marvel collectibles are of the utmost importance to you, which is why we work on shipping our orders as quickly as possible. Please allow approximately 2-3 business days for your order to be processed. Orders typically arrive within 3-5 days as soon as it ships. However, orders could be delayed during the peak of the holiday season, please expect arrival times closer to 5-7 business days. We know you will love the new additions to your Marvel replica collection!

View all '97 12" 12-Inch 2 pack 20 3 pack 6" 60th Anniversary 7" 80th Anniversary 9 Action Figure adam warlock Amazing Spider-Man Angel Ant-Man ant-man and wasp Ant-Man Quantumania Antman and wasp Astonishing Emma frost Astonishing X-Men Cyclops avengers Avengers 2023 Baron von Stricker Ben Reilly Black Panther Black Widow Black Winter (Thor) blade cable Captain America Chamber Claws clea Colossus Comics cosmo crossfire Crystar cyclops daredevil deadpool Deadpool corps deadpool logo Deluxe Drax Dum Dum Duggan E6344 egghead Elektra Natchios emma frost Eternals Extremis F7085 F7134 Fang Fantastic Four Fist Ninja future ant-man Gamerverse Generation Generation X Chamber groot Guardians of the Galaxy guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 hallows' eve Hasbro I am groot I am Iron Man Ikaris iron fist Iron Man Iron Man Extremis Joe Fixit Juggernaut Ka-Zar Kid Omega King in Black Knull King in black Knull and Venom Kingpin Knight Knights Knull Kraglin lady bullseye last stand lilandra Neramani Logan Luke Cage Magneto Mania mantis Marvel marvel x-men Marvel Avengers Marvel Comics Marvel Deadpool Marvel Knights Marvel Knights wave 1 Marvel Legends marvel spider-man marvel's blade Marvel's Fang marvel's guardians of the galaxy marvel's the void Marvel's Zabu miles Morales model model 20 Model 9 Molecule molecule man Monet St. Croix namorita Nebula Nefaria new warriors Nick Fury Jr. Nightcrawler Ninja Orb Patch power princess Psylocke quantumania Red Widow Retro Retro Marvel Legends Retro Packaging rocket Rocket Racoon Sabretooth scarlett spider Sharon Carter She hulk Silver Surfer Skrull Queen Snikt Space Space Knight Spider-gwen Spider-man Spider-man 2 spider-punk spider-shot squadron supreme power princess Starjammer corsair Super-Adaptoid Super-Skrull Superior Iron Man Superior Spider-Man Surfboard the void series namor the Wasp Thor vs. Destroyer Tombstone Ultimate Captain America Ultron Uncanny X-Men Venom Venom Space Knight Vision Wasp Wave 1 We are Venom Whiplash Wolfsbane Wolverine Wonder Man X-Cutioner X-Force X-men X-MEN '97 Yelena Belova Black Widow Yelena Bolva

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