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Ghostbusters Slimer Figurine

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Ghostbusters Slimer Figurine

"He slimed me. I feel so funky."

Slimer, or The Green Ghost, was the first ghost captured by the team and the first one in the Eaglemoss Ghostbusters Figurine Collection! The legendary resident of the Sedgewick Hotel is not your ordinary ghost! Slimer is not a dangerous being and its outings usually involve greedily eating all the food he can find and leaving slime when passing through walls. It was the first ghost to be captured in their trap and eventually became a Ghostbusters "pet". This fantastic metallic resin Slimer figurine is crafted at 1:16 scale and captures this lovely ghost sitting on the hotel trolley among the fallen stacks of plates and cups. It licks its lips while looking at the emptied plate in his hands longing for more food.