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Hallway Pop-Up 1:18 Scale Diorama

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Hallway Pop-Up 1:18 Scale Diorama

The walls of the Multiverse are crying out for action, and the new Hallway Pop-Up Diorama from Extreme-Sets provide a new level of action for your toy photography skills to shine with. This new Pop-Up creates a new space that allows your toy photography to jump out of the photo.

The Hallway Pop-Up features incredible detail of a narrow passage that is showcased in each of the five highly detailed wall panels. The staircase and 3D wall allow all sorts of different action figure picture possibilities. Allow your action figures to surprise someone with the 3D elevator that is also included in this set. Or use the elevator to escape to a new floor deep inside the Multiverse. Standing at 14 inches tall, and including two flooring panels, this new addition to the Multiverse is set to give your action figures a new place to create chaos deep inside the Multiverse of Extreme-Sets Pop-ups.

The Hallway Pop-Up 1:12 Scale Diorama includes:
  • 3x 12 1/2-inch wide x 9 1/2 tall panels (Connect them as you wish)
  • 3x 8-inch wide x 9 1/2-inch tall panels (Connect them as you wish)
  • 1x 12 1/2-inch wide x 1-inch deep x 9 1/2-inch tall stairs wall
  • 1x Ground panels
  • 1x 16-inch deep x 4-inch wide x 9 1/2-inch tall 3D staircase
  • 1x Elevator with opening door