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Holiday Winter Crystal Snowmen Ornaments - 3 Asst.

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For many people, it's just not Christmas without the extra brilliance and shine of cut and blown glass ornaments. If you are a lover of all things that glitter, you can have a stylish holiday by decorating with pieces from the Crystal Collection. DEMDACO brings a wide range of ornaments made from glass, glitter, sequins, and polished metal to meet every style and decorating theme. These ornaments look fabulous on a vintage silver tree and add some fun to a tropical tree in a Floridian household. Whatever your need for a bit of sparkle, this collection fills it. With these three Crystal Snowmen Ornaments on your tree, it will be easy to build an elegant Christmas theme around them. If you are simply looking for gifts for loved ones, you can split up this set to give to them for the holiday. Each of these drop crystal ornaments are made to look like a snowman, replete with a tiny black top hat. Each one features a different metal hanger too. These DEMDACO Holiday Winter Crystal Snowmen Ornaments - 3 Asst. are different sizes. The widest is 1.5" and the tallest is 4".