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J-806M Pop-Up 1:12 Scale Diorama

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J-806M Pop-Up 1:12 Scale Diorama

Travel across the Multiverse with your action figure photography and set up shop on the Cosmos Back Street Pop-Up. This new design is perfect for all of your science fiction needs. This astonishing city Pop-Up is located in a universe that is not so distant for your toy photo desires.

The Cosmos Backdrop features four immensely detailed panels that stand 14 inches tall. Each of the panels features a new science fiction inspired design that makes your action figure a part of a living breathing world. Two of the wall panels feature blast doors that can removed. Along with those blast doors, you also get a 3D alleyway with stairs that extends the toy action out further. The Cosmos Back Street Pop-Up also features a floor panel to create the perfect setting for your figure of choice from head to toe. Don’t miss out on what will be the perfect set-up for any intergalactic toy photo you want to tell.

The J-806M Pop-Up 1:12 Scale Diorama includes:
  • 4x 20-inch wide x 14-inch tall panels (Connect them as you wish)
  • 1x 12-inch wide x 8-inch deep x 14-inch tall stairs
  • 1x 2-inch wide x 14-inch tall 3D columns
  • 1x 38-inch x 28-inch ground panels
  • 3x 3D Doors