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Kendama USA

Logan Tosta Pro Model Kendama

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The Logan Tosta pro model kendama will help your tricks take flight like never before. This university blue and varsity red tama is fashioned after Logan's favorite team jersey as well as his passions for basketball and kendama.

The tama features a dashed white free-throw circle that wraps around the center of the ball to help you stay centered for trick attempts. The apex features a center circle spotter with the number 5 representing the number of years Logan has been on the team. Logan has also added an outer purple halo and a 3-star engraving remembering his late mentor; Dave Mateo. Custom artwork has also been engraved into the base cup, rims, and handle and is available in your choice of our super stick or rubber silk paint.

This kendama is an embodiment of staying true to your roots as you face adversity and adapt to continuously push yourself towards your dreams.

TostaMod Features:

  • Available in Silk or Super Stick Paint
  • Shift Shape Ken
  • KUSA Bearing to Keep Your String Tangle-Free
  • Large Cups for Insane Playability
  • Highly Visible Blue & Red Tama
  • Extra-Long Red String for Juggles
  • Silk: Beech Tama / Maple Ken
  • Super Stick: Full Maple