Meme Collection Kool Aid Man Vinyl Figure #24


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 Meme Collection Kool Aid Man Vinyl Figure #24

"Oh Yeah!"

It's the Kool-Aid Man! Whether you're thirsting for a tasty drink or need to cool off in the summer heat, Kool-Aid Man's got you covered! An enormous smiling jug, complete with ice cold tasty red Kool-Aid splashing inside, this collectible bursts on the scene holding a mini jug of Kool-Aid in one hand while making a balled up fist in the other. He stands on a base of red bricks that have just finished crumbling from his entrance to the party. The window box was illustrated by Youtooz artists to show off the different flavors of ice cold Kool-Aid in glasses with ice. Measures about 4 3/5-inches tall. Ages 15 & up. 

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