Neon Genesis Evangelion Evatchi Asuka Tamagotchi Digital Pet


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Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Evatchi Tamagotchi Pet

Raise the Evangelion Angel from fetus to cocoon to 20 different types of Angels based on how you raise it through its various transformations. Give the Angel an S2Engine when it requires energy; give the Angel Watermelon to keep it happy! There are two games for simulation: Battle Training and Target Switch. When the L.C.L. is corrupt, you need to clean it. The Angel will activate its A.T. Field when it kept unhappy for an extended period. Ensure to keep your Angel happy, if not there's a higher chance of death if it's A.T. field is kept active. When the Angel is asleep, open the power transmission system screen to turn the power off. This Asuka Langley Evatchi Tamagotchi pet is a red EVA-02 Production Model Evangelion Tamagotchi which is on a chain to take with you everywhere! Requires 1x "LR44" battery, which comes included.

Please note, the Tamagotchi is entirely in Japanese programming; English instructions available at

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