Pop! Disney: Ralph Breaks the Internet Chase Bundle


$ 109.92 
Available for pre-order

Pop! Wreck-It Ralph is ready to start wrecking with
his enormous fists. And Fix-It Felix and his golden
hammer are ready to start fixing anything that Ralph destroys.
Vanellope might look sweet, but she’s more than
capable of taking care of herself on and off the racetrack.
Shank looks about as tough as her name suggests.
Yesss might be an algorithm, but she’s the coolest algorithm you’ll
ever meet and her limited edition Chase figure includes
metallic hair. As a search engine, KnowsMore pretty much
knows everything you’d want to know, as his name suggests.
Taffyta looks snobby, as you might expect, but there’s no denying that
her racing outfit is pretty cool. And Fun Bun’s just an adorable
bunny tossing back an enormous stack of pancake

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