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Dan & Darci

Rock Tumbler Grit Refill Kit

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Rock Tumbler Grit Refill Kit By Dan & Darci
  • Complete rock tumbling medium kit:
    3.5 lbs. 4-step grit set and poly plastic pellets, to polish any rock. Packaged in easy-to-use-and-store bottles.
  • Includes:
    Step #1 Coarse Grit (1 lb.), Step #2 Medium Grit (1 lb.), Step #3 Pre-polish Grit (1/2 lb.), Step #4 Grit (1/2 lb), Polypropylene Plastic Poly Filler Pellets (1/2 lb.), Instruction Guide.
  • Compatible with all rock tumblers:
    Can be used in tumblers from any brand: Dan&Darci, Elenco, Lortone, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Thumler and more.
  • Easy to use:
    Includes a clear instruction guide on how to use the grits and plastic pellets.